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Below are a list of tools that I am currently using or have used and recommend. Got questions about them? Feel free to contact me.


  • Atomic Mail Hunter – Get emails from URLs and keywords. Mail Hunter will scan the URLs and/or Google
  • Atomic Who DNS Explorer – Search domain registrations en masse for emails. For those websites that do not list an email.
  • ubot – Automate pretty much everything on the web without knowing how to code. I typically use ubot to scrape emails or other information from websites. This tool has been essential for scaling my marketing and market research efforts.


  • Outbrain – Get your content in front of thousands of eyeballs for cents a click.
  • Adwords – Possibly the fastest, cheapest and easiest way to test a new idea or segment.
  • Bing Ads – Cheaper than Adwords but fast approaching the same price
  • Facebook Ads – Way easier to use than Adwords and much more precise targeting. FB ads typically do not have as much intent as Adwords.
  • Stumbleupon Ads – Possibly the cheapest real traffic you can buy on the web. Stumbleupon’s audience isn’t for every product and you’ll best be served by running small tests. Content tends to perform better than landing pages for Stumbleupon users.


  • KissMetrics – A robust analytics service for funnel and cohort analysis. Does pretty much everything you need and is easy to use.
  • Mixpanel – A better but much pricier analytics system. Disappointed that they don’t have  a quick at a glance dashboard for metrics like on KissMetrics. Plus points for allowing you to send email for a segment that you define.
  • Crazyegg – Cheap and easy to use heat mapping tool
  • Inspectlet – Records live user sessions! You can literally see a user type in their sign up details and such. This is one of the coolest and creepiest tools out there and best of  all, there’s a free package too.
  • – A middleman service that lets you turn on and off various analytics without developer help. even stores your analytics so you can take it whichever service you want.

 Browser Plug-ins

  • Streak – Super lightweight CRM that lives in your GMail as a plugin. Great for the less CRM intensive stuff like keeping track of a small pool of job applicants.
  • Meldium – Share your login credentials with coworkers and contractors securely without sharing the real password, also revoke access at any time. One click sign in into a host of services. More secure than a spreadsheet of emails and passwords.
  • Google Analytics Toolbar – Fast way to UTM codes to your marketing links.
  • Pagerank status – At a glance SEO and traffic stats on any link. Use it to compare your SEO with those of your competitors.
  • Yesware – Used to track if somebody opened the email I sent. Integrates with my Gmail account and the first 100 tracked emails are free. Yesware has been more neat than actually useful or interesting.

Productivity and Collaboration

  • Excel – For the real data crunching that Google spreadsheets just cannot handle.
  • Google Apps – GMail is hands down the best in browser email service due to ease of use and the number of services and plugins that integrate with it. Google Docs is the simplest and fastest way to collaborate on documents.
  • Trello – Simple and effective to do list and collaboration tool. It’s FREE!
  • Nimble – Almost perfect CRM. Affordable and integrates with GMail.


  • Yoast SEO Plugin – Best WordPress SEO plugin ever.
  • SEOMoz – Great tools to analyze your site for crawling errors and to do keyword research.
  • Keywordspy – A great website to quickly see the search volume and PPC competitors of any keywords.

Worked growth marketing in startups my whole career and now sharing my stories on this blog. Always down to grab some coffee and talk shop.