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jon-02A Little About Me (Jonathan Lau)

I caught the startup bug far away from home in Shanghai while hanging out with a bunch of Singaporean students. After interning at a now defunct startup, I was hooked and have had one foot in the space since.

While doing marketing at my first real job out of school, I became frustrated by how I did not know which marketing campaigns were bringing in the results. That’s when I started really diving into tracking and metrics. Once I started seeing the numbers, I became obsessed with improving the numbers! Seeing drop off in a sign up flow screamed wasted dollars to me, so I devoted myself to funnel optimization and A/B testing. Reading about the genius and black hat way that Airbnb grew it’s user base led me to experiment with a variety of unorthodox tactics and automate my marketing.

When I told people about the things I was doing, they started labeling me as a growth hacker, so I guess that is the niche I am occupying now.

If all of this resonates with you and you happen to be in the best city in the world (aka San Francisco). Please reach out and let’s grab a coffee!


Worked growth marketing in startups my whole career and now sharing my stories on this blog. Always down to grab some coffee and talk shop.