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Ever since joining Nextdoor, I have been surprised by the quality and responsiveness of the network. However, what is more surprising, has been the complete lack of marketing being done on the network. I don’t think I have seen a single business promoting themselves in my feed since I joined over 6 months ago. That’s really quite a shame, because Nextdoor seems like a powerful marketing tool especially for local brick and mortar shops.

Marketing Tactics and Growth Hacks

Below are some ideas on how I think a business could growth hack or market on Nextdoor:
  • Post as the business owner – Community members love supporting local businesses. If you own a local business you should most definitely sign up for Nextdoor and introduce yourself to the community. Maybe even offer a little something-something to check your business out.
  • Push coupons – Hyper local coupons could do well to inspire your neighbors to checkout your business. People tend to like promotions that make them feel valued and in the know.
  • Create a community oriented event – At the heart of it, Nextdoor is about community and getting to know your neighbors. I have seen a strong a response whenever a neighbor posts up a get together. If you open up your business to some of these neighborhood get togethers, there is a high chance that you will have people show up.
  • Reach out to influencers – Influencers are fairly easy to identify on Nextdoor. Usually, they are the ones posting up community initiatives and laws on Nextdoor. Reaching out to these influencers is also fairly simple thanks to Nextdoor’s direct messaging function. Perhaps invite them to host an event for the neighborhood in your business to get some street cred, leads or even sales.
  • Conduct a Q&A – This will require a partner in crime. Basically, you post up an innocent sounding question and then your partner answers it in a way that favors your business. However, be careful not to make it obvious that the two of you are working together. No one likes being astroturfed. This tactic does run the risk of garnering ill will towards your business if discovered.

Unique Benefits

Some of the benefits I see of marketing on Nextdoor over other social networks:
  • Non-existent competition – No one is even trying to market on the network right now!
  • Easily accessible influencers – Easy to see and reach out to them
  • Strong and active community – Neighbors on Nextdoor comment back surprisingly quickly and also, Nextdoor sends a ton of update emails.
  • Free – Currently, Nextdoor does not have any paid ads, meaning you get as much visibility as the next guy.


There are a few downsides to using Nextdoor:
  • No formal ad program – This means no fancy targeting options and analytics. It’ll take a little more work to track the results of your post.
  • Reach of posts can be small – Your posts can only be seen by people in your neighborhood and surrounding ones. This problem is bigger if you live in a neighborhood with few people on Nextdoor. Forget about posting in a neighboring city, unless you manage to buy some additional accounts through Craigslist or something.


Nextdoor is not developed enough to be your sole marketing channel, but it has the potential to be an valuable addition to your marketing tool box. This is a must try marketing channel if you are running a particularly local oriented business.

Worked growth marketing in startups my whole career and now sharing my stories on this blog. Always down to grab some coffee and talk shop.

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