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After my last post, I decided to uninstall the Zemanta Chrome plugin and stop using Zemanta all together. When I first used Zemanta I thought it was awesome, because the suggested related content was of high quality. I would see articles from credible media companies, but now all I see are really random WordPress blogs. In fact, some of the suggested blogs look like SEO spam sites that were created for the sole purpose of link building.

Let’s take a look at the first suggested related article from Zemanta for my new year’s resolution blog post. It’s from a wordpress  called heryellowjournal and seems to be a personal blog about a Korean girl who has moved to Korea to rediscover her roots. Her new year’s resolution blog post  details a really personal goal that other than being a new year’s resolution has no connection to the content of my blog post. Since Zemanta just uses basic keyword matching to recommend related content, what you get are blog posts that are just loosely related to your blog title. Such a basic content recommendation engine is practically useless, the plugin could provide better results if it just plugged in random chunks of your content into Google.

I really tried to like you Zemanta, but now I find you to be just a waste of time even more so, because now I have to go through all my posts to remove the embedded Zemanta content I put in. I really worry that I may have sent a reader to a malicious site due to the nonexistent quality control of your recommended content.


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