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You just finished writing that fifth awesome content marketing oriented blog post. Of course, this being your company’s fifth post, you probably will not be getting much organic search engine traffic or newsletter traffic. You realize that content marketing is a long term play, but does it really have to take so long!? Enter in the newest channel of pay per click with major players like Outbrain, Taboola and nRelate. These PPC ads get inconspicuously served on some of the most highly trafficked sites on the internet. See that “From the Web” and “We Recommend” on Those are PPC ads and you can get your content there too for just cents. Outbrain_taboola In my experience, I have had good number of clicks from Outbrain for about 15 to 20 cents a click. This is a deal when you compare it to Google Adwords or FB ads where you can easily pay $1 to $3 a click. Out of all the editorial PPC companies out there, I would suggest that you use Outbrain to start because they have a self serve platform and don’t require a minimum amount to start. Contrast that with Taboola, which has a $2000 insertion order and you have to work through an account rep. To get the most out of your PPC, I suggest installing a pop up, call out bar or both to collect emails. Set up an autoresponder of your greatest blog posts for all the emails that you collect. On the third or fourth week, when the newsletter receiver has received some amazing content and insight about your area of expertise, throw in a small promotional offer with a time sensitive call to action. You may want to send this promo code to people who consistently open the emails. Continue dripping in content emails and promotional offers; and over time, you will see that conversion rate climb up. I highly suggest reading about how email plugin maker Yesware uses Outbrain to drive sign ups and prolong the life of their press mentions. Read it here.

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