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Startup Weekend San Diego (SWSD) was just last week and I was part of the organizing team.

Below are the winners as well as a list of the teams that formed:

SWSD Winners

1st place: RemixReplay
2nd place: GeoConstructor
3rd place: StokeBox

Crowd Favorite: CollegeGoGo
Runners-up: GeoConstructor, RemixReplay

Qualcomm Labs – ContextBeta SDK winners:

1st place: Breadcrumbs
2nd place: GeoConstructor
3rd place: SafeAlert

Competing teams:

Startup company building a system to save us all from parking tickets.

Stoke Box
An online community of parents that matches members based on what they have and what they need.

People Are Waiting
Communicate effectively with latecomers to meetings and quickly decide if you should start without them, reschedule, or wait.


A service that provides alerts of a crime that are taking place in the vicinity in real time, so that you can stay away from the location of crime.


Digg based event posting community.

Automatically locates employees and subcontractors for Construction General Contractors and Developers. Automatically checks them in and out of job sites and hardware stores. Allows workers to establish lists of supplies to pick up, and automatically pops up this list when the worker enters the geolocation.

Tour Me

Location-aware mobile app platform for cultural institutions.

A geotag solution to location scouting for the creative community.
Backdropp allows the user to pin a cool location on the map, attach a photo of the point of interest and write a short description. Our geotag system alerts other users when they are in the vicinity of that backdrop so they can check it out and utilize that backdrop for photo shoots or location scouting.


Working with geo fence technology.

College Go Go
A college registry site and app for students.

TravelShot is an interactive travel photo journal and social network.  While traveling, TravelShot allows you to snap a photo and upload it to a personalized size that tracks your travels on a visual map filled with the photos you’ve taken along the way.  TravelShot is integrated with Facebook and Twitter to send out updates to your friends and family every time you post an update.  When you get home, you instantly have an interactive photo gallery of your travels.
Making the creation of online memorials easy for the bereaved.

Remix Replay
To create a web app that allows users to make personalized computer games. No programming skills required.


A Jetshare Community

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